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Full embroidery wedding sarees about latest designs with fabrics

wedding sarees

wedding sarees

A wedding sari is considered as one of the main parts of the wedding. Brides wear wedding sari at their weddings and it is considered as the tradition of the Indian families. The traditional wedding sari of Indian women is red with golden embroidery on it. However, Saint Thomas christens of Kerela, usually, go for white or cream sarees with golden embroidery on them.
The red wedding dress is the traditional choice for most of the brides in India. Girls like to wear red colored sari at their weddings and the fabric of this sari is also traditional silk. But with the passage of time different colors and fabrics have also been introduced and women are turning to another color for some uniqueness however the red still remains the core choice. Unlike silk, different fabrics are now used that include tissue, satin, and georgette. Like the fabric color like pink, gold, yellow and orange have also been introduced in the market. This new induction certainly is given a wide range of option to the brides but still many traditional families and girls go for red. Indian women who live abroad also like to wear red sarees on wedding ceremonies.

wedding sarees wedding sarees wedding sarees wedding sarees

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