Likoria with solution from starting

Likoria with solution from starting

Likoria with solution from startingLikoria in unmarried girls

There are many unmarried girls who involve in its because girls have heat in the stomach or can other problems. You will see that many sexy movies or songs to make the reason of Likoria.

Likoria solution

In this disease, you will use cold things like are that  orange juice, curd, 100 g curd with 125 g water, mash well and drink empty stomach.

Medicines for Likoria treatment

We will provide many medicines for Likoria diseases.Contact us about it. It is our website


For example, a girl who is involved in Likoria problem like problem is that not having periods since for 1 years and from one-month spotting of blood in every day with pain  in lower abdomen and is not  able to store urine for a long time.


Treatment with the solution does not use hot materials, its mean hot things, it is not best for this disease and uses cold things. It is so best for it.

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