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very long and beautiful hair

very long and beautiful hair

Everybody has hairs,our hairs are natural things and mostly peoples like long and strong hairs.we can grow our hairs easily and happily,We can make our hairs healthy and strong if we do care them.many peoples like longer hairs in our society. there are some tips here about the longer and healthy,beautiful,shiny,hairs.We want healthy  and longer hairs,but how. If we follow these tips we can make healthy and  stronger.After the following these tips we make our hairs very longer and beautiful,heavy, and so nice

1. We should wash our hairs with good soap and good shampoo with clean water tat have batter result.

2. we should don,t wash our hairs hot water mostly, it is don,t batter for good hair and for batter result after washing the hot water your hairs will be damage and rough  and lose your hairs shine.

3. For good and heavy,healthy hairs we can use oil, we should mesh our hairs after one week  with pure oil,it can make our hairs strong and shine because oil is the good food for our hairs

4. We can use egg and oil.

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